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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  October 13, 2014 1:53am-3:01am EDT

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of upside so unfortunately there difficult to do. >> host: from new york university partisan priorities, and thanks for being with us on booktv. >> guest: it is great to be here.
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>> further lessons from the camp david summit that we could learn from today? i offer several that i think will help.
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there are no perfect partners. looked at the men that came to camp david as a terrorist leader and of failing and unpopular president. it would be hard to imagine is three less likely partners for peace but there is one quality they all shared in abundance which was political courage. timing isn't everything. it is true the 1973 war shook israel out of the unchallenged dominance to change the political context but the surprise attack was only reinforced to keep the sinai peninsula as a strategic barrier against the main israeli or e egyptian army. but in egypt said got into whole arab world he was
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practically a world -- alone at peace with israel was possible or even desirable to of his four ministers resigned following his trip to jerusalem the third resigned at camp david in fact, the defense with the egyptian and delegation was so great at one point of 4:00 in the morning carter awoke worried that sadat would be murdered by his own delegation at camp david and they will give up and there were reinforcing the security around sadat cabin to protect him from his own people. and eventually it was his own people that killed him and i do think at camp david was his death warrant. carter was struggling with a faltering economy with
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double digit inflation the prime rate 20% to revolution in iran and midterm congressional elections. his political advisers would seek peace with there was so many pressing problems at home. and finally america plays a crucial role. egypt and israel simply could not make peace by themselves. after the fifth day carter did something he did not want to do he decided there was a prospective plan in the works. but he made america a full partner to the negotiations. he made it clear to both men that the relationship with the united states was on the line.
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wrapping up the of this with the innovators author isaacson for those that are responsible for the computer
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and the internet. these are the titles the free library of philip sylvia are most anticipating to be published this fall. :92 free
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